We Provide human resource service consultancy at your need. From document management to submission to related departments, we handle it all.

Our services

  • Passport Matters
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Visa Application
  • Visa Counselling
  • Employment Matters ( Foreign Worker & Maid )
  • Citizen & Foreign Spouse
  • Marriage & Divorce
  • Land, House & Shop Lot
  • Work Permit Renewal
  • Birth Certificate
  • SME Entrepreneur Services
  • Notarization & Authentication
  • Malaysia My Second Home Programme
  • Accounting & Auditing

Bank Loan Application

Apply Bank Loan and get it approved quickly to expand your business effectively. Let us handle your application and submission process. We assure your bank loan gets approved quickly.

Bankruptcy Resolution Service

Bankruptcy is a process where a debtor is declared a bankrupt pursuant to an Adjudication Order made by the High Court and we VSA assist our clients to reduce the debit amount that frees him/her from this stigma.

Digitalization Of Business

Going Digital is the next phase of business. Every product and service need to have an online facelift. Our digital marketeers helps our clients to accelerate their businesses in digital platform and arena.

Passport & Visa Renewal

Want to renew your working visa? We can expedite your visa renewal very quickly and efficiently. We make applying and renewal of visa easy and quick.

Work Permit Application

Save yourself from the hassle, strain and frustrations of waiting in long lines at the renewal facility, and also get rid of the uncertainty of waiting for a permit approval without a clear dateline, pass the work to us, we will get it done for you seamlessly. We are sure that we can help your team to process business-related approvals, certifications & permits approved faster. In our service, you can get experts advice in a particular business process SOPs.

Spouse Visa Application

Want to get a family visa Malaysia, live with your spouse or relative with proper Visa? Let us get the whole process in our hands and get you the needed Visa for a peaceful stay in Malaysia.

Work Permit Renewal

Problem renewing your workforce’s work permits? Worry-less. We will get it done for you.

VSA Consult

Time Consuming? Hassle-load processes? Let us be your one stop center for all your application processes.

Malaysia My Second Home Programme

Malaysia is a beautiful country that’s fast becoming one of the most fascinating second homes in South East Asia! It can offer an ideal difference in almost all aspects of your life – a peaceful residential haven, a fertile investment climate, diverse culture, harmony, safety, with natural and man-made wonders, and unmatched scope for progress.

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Tel.: +60 19-855 8003
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